Saturday, June 22, 2013

                                                       Saturday 6/22/2013  

Hello food lovers,
               Today I want to talk about  a new find. Normally I talk about food, but this review is all about wine, a delicious chardonnay. My new discovery is Flip Flop, a rich and full of flavor white wine. I was in a local supermarket, viewing the selections of wines, trying to decide if I wanted to purchase my usual wine or possibly try a new wine, when the label for Flip Flop caught my eye. The label had the picture of a pair of flip flop shoes. I noticed the picture first and wondered "why a pair of flip flops on the label"?, that's when I noticed the name of the company. The picture stood out, so out of curiosity, I decided to purchase this wine. I couldn't wait to get home. I love trying new wines, especially when I'm pleasantly surprised and this wine was a joy to drink. It was sweet, with a rich, full flavor. This is a wine that I would be proud to serve at future dinner parties. The company website is I give this wine a "B" rating.


                                                             Saturday 7/28/2012
 Hello food lovers,
                   I've been away working on other projects, but I'm back.

My next review is for Culver's, the location I visited is on 13 mile & Little Mack in Roseville. As I walked up to this establishment, I noticed how well maintained it was. I walked in and was greeted right away by one of the employees, she was friendly and attentive. I placed my order, which was a sourdough butter burger and crinkle fries(yummy). My order was a carryout, so I couldn't wait to get home to eat this meal. When I got home, I took out my order with great anticipation, but unfortunately by first sight, I was  disappointed. The sandwhich was smaller than I expected. It was a little flat. I enjoyed the flavor of the sandwhich, I just wish it was fuller. It did not have that "WOW" factor. I'll try other sandwhiches from this  establishment in the future. Based on my visit, I would give Culver's sourdough butter burger a "C" rating.


  Spaghetti Anyone?

Hello food lovers. Thanks to my mother, I have a lot of spaghetti in my cabinet, so last Thursday I decided to cook up a good amount of one of my favorite pastas. If I could, I would eat pasta until I popped. Check back soon for my latest restaurant review. Until then, enjoy the pasta view.


                                                                    6/17/2012  Post
  Hot Soup on a Rainy Day                                                  

Hello readers,
          If you live in Michigan then you know it rained quite a bit today. I was already planning on making another soup. Originally, It was going to be cream of potato soup, but I had some extra ingredients, so I decided to make potato corn chowder, yummy.

Friday, June 15, 2012

                       This Week's Advice

 Top 10 Foods To Eat

(1) Strawberries (6) Mexican Cantalope
(2) Bell Peppers (7) Celery
(3) Spinach          (8) Apples
(4) Cherries         (9) Apricot
(5) Peaches        (10) Green Beans

If you can't find these foods organically, these are still good alternatives that contain the same valuable vitamins and minerals.

Pop Challenge

Kids Don't Try This At Home

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thai Anyone??

This next review is for #1 Pad Thai, formerly known as Blue Star for those of you who've been to this eatery. From the outside, one would not be all that impressed. It looks like a small regular establishment. The inside looks the same. I did noticed that some of the booths need slight repairs, but nothing major. I didn't like the fact that the restaurant was empty, I did notice a man sitting at one of the tables, it turned out he works there. I mentioned before in one of my other posts, that I don't like a crowded restaurant, but I don't like an empty one either. On the way in, there was a couple walking out with take out, a good sign, but not a great one, because the restaurant was still empty. I got to this establishment at 1:45pm on a Saturday, at that time, it probably explains the lack of patrons. I suppose there would be a difference in the number of patrons at night on a Saturday, I'll have to try this little experience in the near future and let you know. As I entered the restaurant, I was greeted right away by the hostess. She seemed very sweet and was able to anwser all my questions, especially the one about the restaurant changing names. She explained that the restaurant was under new management. I studied the menu, it was hard to choose, since there was a wide selection of dishes, but I managed to choose a dish. I decided to order the Pad Curry, which has a curry sauce, which means it's a spicy dish. I usually ask for mild spicy, no hotter than that (I know, chicken, but I don't want to set my curtains on fire with a super spicy dish). While my order was being prepared, I stopped at the store next door, by the time I got back, my order was waiting for me. I was quoted about five to ten minutes, which is about right. I took my order home and took plenty of good pictures, before I ate. After taking the pictures, I was looking over the carry out menu and noticed that any order with crab meat, the restaurant will use imitation crab. Now I've had imitation and real crab meat as well and have noticed that they are similar in taste, but someone with a well trained palate would be able to tell the difference I'm sure. The point I'm trying to make is, I noticed on the menu the dishes that include seafood, cost more, which I understand, but the Seafood Combination and the Seafood Curry cost almost $15.00 and the rest of the seafood dishes that can include crab meat, uses imitation crab. Personally if I'm paying $15.00 for a seafood dish, I want real seafood, not imitation (are you with me readers?). I sampled a good amount of my Pad Curry and I was impressed with the dish. It had excellent flavor, unfortunately the restaurant made a mistake with my order. I asked for extra broccoli in place of the water chestnuts. The dish didn't have broccoli at all. This was disappointing because I love broccoli. Other than that, I did enjoy my order, the hostess was very friendly. I wasn't impressed with the outside of the restaurant or the dining area. The restaurant did not have that "WOW" factor, but I was impressed with the dish that I ordered and the other menu selections listed, I especially loved the curry sauce for my dish. The #1 Pad Thai restaurant is located on Gratiot near 14 mile road in Clinton Township. Even Though I would definately order the Pad Curry again and was impressed by the menu selection and the nice hostess, I give my overall experience a C+ grade.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Special Note

Thanks to all my readers, your support means alot to the "MY MAIN DISH" team. If any of you visit any of the restaurants featured on my blog, I would love for you to comment about your culinary experience. All restaurant comments are welcomed. Make sure you put in your vote for the poll question at the bottom of the page. Peace

This Week's Advice

If you love peanut butter as much as I do, then you'll want to keep this in mind. I've always heard, that if you want to keep your peanut butter soft, then DO NOT put it in the refrigerator. Keep it in your kitchen cabinet and you'll be a happy camper, unless you like hard peanut butter (yuck).

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